Why is a Passport Denied?

Why is a Passport Denied?

Why is a Passport Denied? Continue reading this page to find out the answer.

If everything goes through without any issues in your application for a passport, then you can expect to have one in 4-6 weeks via routine processing.

However, the U.S. Department of State will deny, suspend or hold your passport indefinitely if there are any mistakes on your application. Basically, using a private service can help expedite the process and avoid any unnecessary, complicated delays. In fact, a passport expeditor can secure your passport in 2 weeks or less, even as fast as 24 hours, if need be.

Reasons Why a Passport is Denied

So why is a passport denied? The U.S. Department of State will deny or suspend a passport for many reasons, including the following list of common issues with:

  • Passport Photos
  • Child Support
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Consent Form
  • Passport Applications
  • Signatures
  • Government Fees
  • Passport Book Damage
  • Identification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Probation or Felony

Read below to learn about each topic on our page, “Why is a Passport Denied?”

Why is a Passport Denied? Get Your Passport. Guaranteed

Passport Photos

You must follow strict criteria. Use the Passport Photo Creator to take your official passport photos. Also, view our handy passport photo guide for more assistance.

Child Support Payments

Each state has different requirements regarding the limits of owed child support payments and passport processing. If you owe child support, you may have difficulties in getting your passport. It could delay the passport application or be the reason for its denial.

Letter of Authorization (LoA)

Whenever you use an expediting service, you must complete this form. Please follow our checklist carefully as your information in the LoA must be correct, or the Department of State will suspend your application. Moreover, the most common error is NOT checking off the correct boxes.

ATTENTION: Only check off the first 2 boxes, if using an expediting service.

Consent Forms

Use consent forms for minor passport applications in the event the parent(s) or guardian(s) cannot both be present. In addition, you must sign in the presence of a notary with these forms, such as a Statement of Exigent Special Family Circumstances (Form DS-5525).

Please refer to our child passport checklist for more information on parental consent forms.

Passport Application Forms

Our checklists explain — in careful detail — the process to complete your passport application forms. If you use a passport expediting service, it is imperative you follow the directions carefully.

NOTE: In addition, if you are unsure about which passport application forms to submit, please use our Passport Flow Chart.

Passport Signatures

Importantly, all signatures must be the same on all documents. If your signatures do not match, then you will have processing issues. Do your best to use the same signature on ALL forms and documents.

Government Passport Fees

Also, you must pay your government fees correctly. Our checklists explain this in detail as well. Please be sure to pay the government fees in the form of a check for the correct amount. Given that, paying too much or too little will delay your application.

Passport Book

If you accidentally damage your passport book, you cannot renew it.

Check our damaged passport checklist to learn more on damaged passports and how to avoid any delays with you passport renewal application.

Identification Documents

You must provide identification documents when you apply for a passport, especially if your application requires a visit to a passport acceptance facility.

Birth Certificate:

When applying for a replacement passport for your damaged passport or lost or stolen passport, a new adult passport, or any child (minor) passport, you must provide an original or certificate copy of the Long Form Birth Certificate. In short, this is the birth certificate with the full names of both parents shown.

Probation or Felony

Important to realize, probation or felony charges may also cause issues with your passport application.

The U.S. Department of State my deny your passport application if you are on probation, due to pay more than $1500 in child support payments, wanted on an arrest warrant, currently summoned to appear in court, currently in jail, or experiencing serious felony issues.

Lastly, please see our Felony Passport Page for more info.

Why is a Passport Denied? Plain and simple: the applicant made a mistake.

In any case, using a reputable private passport expeditor can help you avoid delays, suspensions or denials of your passport application. To put it another way, don’t let the U.S. State Department deny your US passport and ruin your trip. Therefore, submit your forms and documents correctly the first time!

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