We secure passports fast. We also help with all passport and visa information. Most importantly though, we can get your passport in two weeks or less, even as fast as 24 hours. Passports Online is powered by Fastport Passport, the leading passport expeditor. Fastport Passport has been expediting passports for over ten years. To find out if you qualify for expedited service, use our Fast Passport Flow Chart. You can also find more info on our expedited passport instructional checklists.


More About What We Do

Passports Online is an online informational portal here to provide you with everything you need for all passport application services. We are not a government passport agency.  Avoid the confusing paperwork, applications, and long lines of the U.S. Postal Service. Whatever you need, we can help: Passport renewal, new expedite passport applications, child minor passports applications, visas, passport photos, travel insurance, replace lost or damaged passports, and more.


How is this possible?

Expediting Agencies are Registered Couriers with The U.S. Department of State. They have the unique ability to hand-carry your adjudicated envelope into a local Passport Agency immediately. This means an Expediting Agency can acquire your passport without the applicant having to appear at the regional passport agency. Normal processing for a U.S. Passport can take up to 4-6 weeks. An Expediting Agency can obtain your passport as quickly as 24 hours when you have international travel within two weeks or less or require a visa in the next 30 days.

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