What Is Travel Insurance And Why Do You Need It

Travel insurance is becoming a basic requirement when having a trip. Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have to cancel your trip personally or your trip may be canceled by others, like the embassy or agencies. The money that you spent on your trip is non-refundable and will be lost, but with travel insurance, there is hope that you can get some money back. You already have spent money on fare, baggage, passport etc. Why not spare a little more on travel insurance because you will need it sooner or later?

What Is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers you while you are on a trip. It falls into two main categories: trip cancellation and travel medical insurance.

process passportTrip cancellation is made up of several items. If you have valid reasons to cancel your trip before departure time, then you will get back the money that you have paid for, which is non-refundable without the insurance.

The other item on trip cancellation is trip interruption. When you have to cut your trip short to return home for an emergency, the insurance will pay the additional expenses for the journey back home.

At home, you have health insurance but that will not cover you outside the country. When you are on a trip and you get injured in a foreign country, travel insurance will cover emergency medical expenses. This will cover your travel back home if you get injured or sick on the duration if your travel.

For death, nobody wishes for this but if it occurs, this insurance will cover the expenses of transporting the body.

You can lose your baggage at the airport in another country and if you don’t have travel insurance, you will be stuck.

While traveling for a long time outside your home country, travel medical insurance offers a better medical solution and gives you peace of mind.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important

It is not a must that you need to have travel insurance, but you will most likely need it. You risk losing a lot while traveling and the cost of travel insurance is low, making it a good investment. Let’s look at the reasons why you need travel insurance.

  • Emergencies may occur during your trip. You have already paid for the vacation and if you don’t have travel insurance, you will lose your money. With travel insurance, you will be compensated money that you will otherwise lose due to the trip cancellation.
  • You are going for a trip in dangerous areas. You can be injured when hiking, swimming, mountain climbing or you may simply get sick. Medical treatment can be very costly in foreign countries and you may spend a lot just to get better. Your health insurance back at home will not cover for this. Travel insurance will lessen the pain by catering for your medical expenses.
  • You have you’re a lot of expensive things with you while on a trip. These include cameras, passport, clothes, jewelry, and electronics. You may be robbed or lose your luggage. This will be a huge setback and you will be stuck in a foreign country. With this insurance, you will get compensation for the items that you lost, and you will get your passport back faster if it is among the properties you have lost.
  • You can get extra services with travel insurance. This insurance will also give you services that you can use during the trip. You can get free telephone assistance worldwide. This will help you if you need to locate a pharmacy, hospital, certain tourist spot, etc. The hotline is always available to assist you when you lose your passport or in re-booking a flight.


travel insuranceUnderstand that not all travel insurance benefits are similar. You should ask you agency to give you the list of services they are offering in their insurance and under which conditions.

This insurance will save you a lot in case something happens during your trip which you did not plan for.


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