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Airplane Quiet Zones

No one enjoys sharing a flight with a crying baby or annoying kids. Sure, we may feel bad for the parents, but why should we have to suffer too? Well, thanks to some airlines hearing the pleas of the multitudes, you no longer have to deal with crying babies or kids kicking your seat. You can book a seat in the child-free zones.

Singapore-based Scoot airlines has become the latest airline to implement child-free zones, which continue to be a hot topic of debate.The budget airline of Singapore Airlines is the latest airline to introduce these controversial child-free sections on its planes.


Scoot Airlines, which primarily flies from Singapore to Sydney and Australia’s Gold Coast, has banned children under 12 from rows 21 to 25 of its aircraft.


Though the airline caters to a younger crowd (or as Scoot describes it, “young at heart”), it will allow passengers to upgrade to the 41-seat Scoot In Silence cabin for around $14.


“No offense to our young guests or those traveling with them — you still have the rest of the aircraft,” Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson said. The Scoot In Silence cabin also will offer more leg-room than the rest of the plane, according to this seating chart.


They aren’t the first to implement a kids-free section. Malaysian Airlines also made news in 2011 after banning babies from first class. The airline later prohibited children younger than 12 from certain sections of its super jumbo jets. The airline’s CEO, Tengku Azmil, tweeted that the ban had been prompted by complaints from passengers who said that despite paying for first class, they were unable to sleep due to crying babies.


In February, Air Asia X also introduced child-free zones on its planes, complete with “special ambient lighting” to help passengers relax.


Child-free flights continue to be a topic of debate and more and more airlines are getting on board with child free flying zones. So if you’re planning that next relaxing vacation, perhaps unwind early and enjoy a quieter flight.

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