If you are traveling internationally, you will need a passport. You may also need a visa. The visa is usually a stamp or sticker that allows you to stay in the foreign country for a certain amount of time and under certain circumstances. This page is for Visas Online by Country (Starting with L)

Visas Online by Country starting with L

Laos Visa online
Latvia Visa online

Lebanon Visa online

Lesotho Visa online

Liberia Visa online

Libya Visa online

Liechtenstein Visa online

Lithuania Visa online

Luxembourg Visa online


Visas by Country

Visas are required for most international travel. There are many different types of visas: student visas, work visas, tourist visas, and more. Please click the letter of the country you want to visit to find out more on how to get your visa online. We can help you process your visa and passports in two weeks or less!

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