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Kosovo is known for its cuisine, architecture, religious heritage, unique traditions, and its natural landscapes. If you are interested in more than just seeing beautiful mountains and ancient ruins on your vacation to ‘the region’, Kosovo strongly recommends the following:

  • The four monasteries that make up Kosovo’s UNESCO World Heritage Site (monasteries in towns of Gracanica, Peja/ Pec, Decan, and Prizren)
  • Hospitality as a sacred duty – anywhere out of the cities you will be welcomed into people’s homes and treated royally.
  • Beautiful countryside for walking with wonderful wild flowers
  • Nightlife and cafe culture in Pristina, with the buzz that comes from Europe’s youngest population
  • Seeing the UN and the international community in action (or not!) is quite interesting.
  • You’ll get a first hand view of more than 6 different cultures (Albanian, Serb, Roma, Ashkalia, Bosniak, and Turkish)
  • You’ll gain an understanding of what happens when governments allow industry to function when both environmental regulations and solid, defensible property rights are scarce.
  • The Kosovars tend to be very friendly towards the UK and USA for its support of their independence (eg: they have “Bill Clinton Boulevard” in Prishtina, as well as a large picture mural of him on the side of a building). They also are very friendly to Western European and Middle Eastern countries.

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How to Get Your Kosovo Visa online

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