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Iraq is tough to travel as a tourist, but not impossible. Iraq is considered a volatile country still, so travel carefully. The Iraqi people are known to be very friendly to westerners. There are many notable sites to visit in Iraq, however the infrastructure has been badly disrupted in recent years.

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WARNING: The political situation in much of Iraq remains extremely unstable — even though the war was officially declared as over in December 2011. Travel here remains extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. All foreigners are still in danger of kidnapping, murder, and general armed violence. Tourism visas for Iraq are not granted at the moment. Sporadic violence can occur anywhere in Iraq although Iraqi Kurdistan is relatively safe.

Although the north east provinces which comprise Iraqi Kurdistan can be considered safe for foreigners, the margins for error are small. While no foreign deaths have occurred in this province since the 2003 Iraq invasion, many foreign deaths have occurred elsewhere in Iraq.

If it is necessary to visit, then remain cautious at all times, and consult your embassy before you leave. For further information, see war zone safety.

The bottom line: do your research and be careful.


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How to Get Your Iraq Visa online

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