Travelers who want to visit India for pleasure, leisure, recreation, or a casual trip to visit friends and family will apply for a Tourist Visa to India. This visa cannot be extended or changed. India allows travelers who needed to renew their passports to travel with their old passport and valid visa as long as they have their new valid passport as well. There are two types of tourist visas to India for U.S. citizens: 5 year and 10 year

How to Apply for an Expedited Rush Tourist Visa to India

At this time, we are only expediting visas for U.S. passport holders in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. If you need a visa for India fast and you are in the aforementioned states, please read on. The expedited visa is processed in 3-5 business days and the expedited fee is $150 plus the fee for the Indian Visa.

Complete, print, and sign the India Visa Application Form (see below for forms).

All applicants are requested to exercise due care while filing the Online Indian Visa Application Form (IVFRT). In case of any mistakes, Applicants are requested to fill the form again. Print and sign the Application form.

  1. We strongly recommend you to download & study the Sample Online Visa Application Form before filling the actual Online Visa Application Form
  2. The Application Form should be printed on 2 separate sheet of paper, no front to back print out will be accepted.
    Note: Please make sure that the Application Form prints completely with the port of entry and exit completely printed at the bottom as well as the bar code.
  3. If the applicant has a middle name, it needs to be written as the “Given name” in the online application and it MUST match up with the name in the passport.
  4. Make Sure you have filled the Application Form correctly otherwise it will not be accepted, as CKGS are not allowed to modify any details.
    Note: The address for the reference in India must be complete with the phone number, city, sector, street, and six digit pin code. If staying at a hotel include the complete address and phone number of the hotel as it appears on their website.
  5. DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS i.e. ,$#(&)etc and use SPACE BAR instead

Gather Your Documents (for minor’s, please click here for their required documents page)

Submit Valid Passport: Your expedited rush visa will be put in your valid passport. What is a valid passport?
Proof of Travel Plans: Travel plans are required for expedited visa service.
Passport Photo: One recent color passport size 2 inches by 2 inches (2″x2″) photo on glossy photo paper, showing full frontal view of the applicants face against a white background to be pasted on the application form. Photograph should not be stapled, but paper clips are fine.
Note: The photo requirements are very strict.
Proof of address: All applicants need to submit a photocopy with proof of residence / address that matches the present address on the visa application.
Examples for Address proof : State Issued Identity cards i.e. Valid driving license, Utility Bills for water, Gas, Electric, Sewage, copy of valid lease, with signature of Landlord AND tenant to be provided. Do not cut any document to smaller size like Driving size, passport copy. Utility bill must be from last 90 days.
Note: The following documents are not considered as address proof: cellphone, credit card statement, bank statement, cable bill, insurance forms. Address cannot be a P.O. Box. Please do not submit original documents.
Supplemental Particulars Form: This form is required so please download, complete, and print this form.
Applicant holding Dual Citizenship: Applicants who have dual citizenship with the US and another country must apply on their US passport, if living in the US except for applicants who hold dual citizenship with Pakistan. Pakistani citizens who have also acquired US citizenship must apply for a visa on their Pakistani passport only.
Name Change: If there is a name change after or at the time of Naturalization, then Name Change Application, Name Change Deed along with the Court Order for such Name Change must be annexed with the documents. If the applicant is a student, retired, self-employed / freelancer or house-wife, bank statement for the last three months is required to be submitted. In case of those applicants who have not obtained their Renunciation Certificate earlier and are now applying for Renunciation along with their Visa Application, the time taken for processing of visa could be 2-3 weeks. Applicants acquired naturalization after 2006 are required to submit their original Indian passport. Applicants acquired naturalization after 2004 are required to submit copy of their naturalization certificate.



Expedited service fee $150 plus visa fee.
Visa Fee:
10 Years (120 Months) Multiple Entry: $170
5 Years (60 Months) Multiple Entry: $170
6 Months Multiple Entry: $80


Send Us Your Application/ Documents

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Checklist for Tourist Visa

Journalist Undertaking Letter

Religious Undertaking Letter


Minor’s Documents:

Please click here for the required documents for minors applying for a visa to India.

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