US Passport Holders at All Time Record High

Every year, more and more Americans are securing their US Passports and exploring the international world. Even though the numbers suggest that only 1/3rd of Americans hold a U.S. passport, that still ends up being more than 100 million people! In 2009, there were a reported over 30 million individual trips overseas! That number keeps growing every year! So what gives? Why does the myth persist that Americans don’t travel?

Some argue that the number is still too low. But more and more Americans travel overseas every year. Perhaps it is based on the growing needs of businesses to work with clients and employees from around the world. Another reason is that since 2009, the U.S. State Department has required all Americans traveling back and from from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean to hold a valid passport. We’d like to believe it’s mostly because Americans are experiencing the travel bug! Who doesn’t love to travel?!

americans travel passport camel sahara

Remember that you can use a Passport Card for land and sea travel if you’d prefer to not get the passport book. There is no excuse not to get your passport and travel! Use our Fast Passport Flow Chart to see if you qualify for expedited passport service!



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