Travel by Sailboat in Turkey



See Turkey by Sea

Turkey: the beautifully exotic land where East meets West. It’s a large country, slightly bigger than the state of Texas, with a long and rich history that some claim even holds the remains of Noah’s Ark! Yes, on a peak Mount Ararat, an expedition team has claimed to have found the remains of a ship that bears a striking resemblance to the biblical ark that Noah built to survive the flood.

So whether or not that proves to be true, it’s well worth visiting Turkey and exploring the culture and history. The beautiful thing about Turkey is that it offers amazing things for all budget ranges. If you do a quick google search of sailboat cruises in the Mediterranean, you’ll quickly find that southern Turkey is a hotspot for what they call ‘Blue Cruises”.

The cruises usually leave from a small town called Fetiye, in the Turkish Riviera. It’s fairly common to have an all-inclusive cruise option, which includes your transportation to Fetiye, accommodation, and meals. You’ll only have to pay for drinks, which are always provided for a low price on the boats. A weeklong trip can be had for around $500 USD. All you have to do is get to Turkey!

Turkey Passport and Visa Requirements

For U.S. Citizens, you will need your U.S. Passport, but a visa is not required ahead of time. You can simply pay $20 USD when you arrive to the airport or the border and you’ll have 90 days to explore the country. A pretty good deal if you ask me!

Once aboard your sailboat, you’ll meet a dozen or so other travelers that will be taking the journey with you. Everyone (or every couple) gets their own cabin that has it’s own bed, closet, nightstand, and full bathroom. It’s not the Hilton, but it sure is impressive for a sailboat. Mind you, these boats can be 100 ft long, so while it’s budget prices, it’s not budget living.

You’ll even have options to go into the little seaside towns, go paragliding, scuba diving, and more. Of course, some of these options are at an additional cost, but it’s certainly all possible, even for budget travelers. Your crew is there to do everything they can for you. Your crew will cook three delicious meals a day for you, and they will also do all the clean up. Your captain will also bring you to little islands and bays where you can snorkel, cliff dive, and swim in the warm Meditterrean Sea. This is why you’ll find it appropriate to tip at the end of your cruise. All you have to do is enjoy yourself: eat, drink, and be merry!

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