Travel Without A Visa – 3 Historical And Cultural Options

Some countries require you to have a VISA before going there or upon arrival. The thing is, processing your VISA means more expenses and more stress. For people who want to lessen expenses, you can reduce the costs of traveling by going to countries that don’t require a VISA. All you will need to do is process your passport. Keep in mind that there are specified periods of time that you can visit with only your passport.


Singapore gives you a two week visit with your passport, no VISA needed. This Asian country offers a lot of history that you and your family or friends can learn from.

process your passportIn Singapore, you can visit botanical gardens that have received UNESCO World Heritage nominations. This country focuses on conserving their natural heritage and also on protecting their trees. You can enjoy viewing bonsai gardens, eco-gardens, and sculptures.

Before you leave, visit the National Orchid Garden as well. You can also go to the the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple to observe how the people worship and pray.

The good thing in Singapore is the tradition and diversity. They have places like Little India and Arab Street, where you can also learn about other cultures. You can visit the Arab Quarter, which displays the history of Indian culture dating back 200 years. Take this opportunity and buy saris and other products from the sellers too. You can also take a look at the Sultan Mosque, which dates back to 1825.


fastport passportBermuda is another place that you can visit without a Visa for three weeks. It provides a milder environment than that of the Caribbean islands. In Bermuda, you will be able to enjoy clear water shores and activities like biking, hiking and fishing. This place has gentle summer temperatures and they have many golf courses. If you love golf, then this is a perfect place for you.

Bermuda is also famous for seafaring at the archipelago’s treacherous reefs, which is also rich in history. In the 16th century, a lot of ships were wrecked at the shores of George’s Island. It is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You will also be able to find St. Peter’s Church, which is the oldest Anglican Church to be found in the Western Hemisphere. It was completed in 1612. The church displays simple yet elegant architecture, composed mostly of red cedar. The altar was hand-carved and is one of the oldest piece of woodwork still in place.

The other wonderful things that you will see in the church includes a baptismal front and a collection of silver that is more than 9 centuries old. You will also be able to find headstones that are more than 3 centuries old.


passport onlineIf you are looking for a country that you can visit in Africa, Lesotho gives you a 30 day travel with your passport. It offers a lot of history on Lesotho people and the Mountain Kingdom.

In the southeastern region of Lesotho, you will find the Sehlabathebe National Park. You’ll require a four wheel drive to visit this place where you will get the chance to see rock art, a unique ecosystem of plants, animals, birds, rock arches, massive rock overhangs and wonderful rock formations.

Also, in the early 19th century, there were cannibals who lived in Kome Cave dwellings. You can visit these dwellings and have a taste of how these cannibals lived. The Bautang and the Basia clans, which were at war during the time, lived under these towering sandstone caves.

Even without a VISA, you can travel to these countries and have a taste of their culture and history. Process your passport and start planning your trip to these wonderful places.

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