Travel Tips with RyanAir

Reviewed and Revealed: Travel Tips with RyanAir

travel tips with ryan airYou aren’t a true budget traveler if you haven’t heard of RyanAir. RyanAir claims to be Europe’s favorite airline seeing as they carry more then 1,800 flights daily connecting over 200 destinations in 33 countries. The best part? The prices. Travelers really cannot beat the competitive prices that RyanAir offers. But how can this be so much more affordable than other budget airlines of Europe? Flying with RyanAir is a great bargain if you know what to expect.

travel tips with ryan air

Top Travel Tips with Ryan Air

1.) The carry on luggage is small and strict!
Max weight – 10kg
Dimensions main piece of cabin baggage – 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
Dimensions additional personal item – 35cm x 20cm x 20cm
…and the workers are trained to eyeball these dimensions and no one gets away with a centimeter more without paying! If your bag is overweight, then they make you check the bag as luggage and hit you with a 35 Euro fee.

2.) Read the fine print! ‘Fees, fees, fees’
Make sure you read and prepare for every aspect of your trip because if not, RyanAir will not hesitate to charge you extra fees. There are fees for not checking in online beforehand, overweight luggage, overweight carry ons, boarding pass re-issue fee, etc. You will want to pay attention to every possible fee otherwise your cheap flight suddenly isn’t so cheap.

3.) The flight is full of advertisements and commercials
Besides every surface being covered in advertisements, the whole entire plane ride will loop advertisements that play throughout the whole cabin, so bring your own headphones! Also you are quite literally just paying for a flight with RyanAir. There will not be complimentary drinks, peanuts, or headphones so make sure you are prepared!

4.) The dimensions of the plane are astonishingly smaller
The 1-2 inches may not seem to make a large difference, but it will once you board the plane. RyanAir stuffs as many seats in their planes as possible, therefore there is noticeably limited space for travelers and the seats do not recline. This may appear to be petty, however there are reviews of women 5’2” who are quite uncomfortable. Therefore, if you don’t mind being squished next to strangers then this is fantastic for you.

Width from one armrest to the other is approximately: 17 inches (43.18cm)
Pitch from the back of the seat to the tray table in front: 30 inches (76.20cm).
From the floor to the control panel (PSU Panel): 64 inches (162cm).
Most seats are 43cm wide and 58cm from the back to the edge of the cushion. There are some narrow seats which are 40cm wide and 58cm from the back to the edge of the cushion.
The height from the cushion to the top of the seat is 27.2 inches (69cm).

Let’s just say it’s noteworthy enough that multiple travelers have reviewed it thoroughly enough to publish the dimensions.

5.) It’s kind of a free for all
RyanAir doesn’t give assigned seating, therefore make sure you are early for security and boarding the plane because this is kind of a free for all. People will begin lining up by the door the moment they get through security, so make sure you get a good spot in line if this is important to you.

If you are making a short trip and you are low maintenance, RyanAir is your best option. It is true that travelers typically cannot beat the prices offered by this airline, but that is- if and only if- they do not go over in luggage, check in appropriately, and follow all of the rules to this airline.


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