Travel Tips for Italy

Spotlight: Italy

Travel Tips for ItalyFrom the Vatican in Rome, to the breathtaking views on the Amalfi coast,  to the fashion capital of the world in Milan it is clear why Italy has left such an impact on Western culture and world at large. Italy is the third most populated European Union member state, and due to its location on the Mediterranean coastline it is clear why travelers want to visit. The coast influences their many unique cuisines as well as their temperate seasonal climate that travelers flock to. Italy is comprised of 20 different states that truly feel like 20 completely separate countries in themselves. The dialect and the cuisine varies from state to state which is every traveling foodie’s dream come true! Visit at your own risk, however, because you have been warned but you may fall in love with this country!

Travel Tips for Italy

image (2)A valid passport is required for travel to Italy. For American travelers, a valid passport should have at least 6 months of passport validity. You will not need a visa. A visa is an endorsement of the traveler that acts as an approval for the traveler to be in the country. For Americans, a visa is not required if you are in the Schengen Area for 90 days or less. Italy is part of the Schengen Area, which is an agreement between many European nations to allow for visa-free travel.

Brief History of Italy:

image (5)Italy is a history buff’s dream seeing as it dates back to 753 BC, according to the age old legend of Romulus and Remes, twin brothers who claimed to be sons of the war god Mars founded Rome. But, of course, we know that around 27 BC the Roman Empire was born which is the conception for the abundance of historical sites all throughout Italy. Throughout its existence, Italy has gone through many monumental phases such as the Dark Ages and has seen many outstanding historical figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli, and Galileo, among others, revolutionized the fields of art, literature, politics, and science. Italian explorers, such as Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, introduced Italy and Europe to the rest of the world. Italy flourishes with their memory and makes this a country visitors must see.

image (8)A Break Down of Places of interest:

From the Colosseum in Rome, the Amalfi coast, the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa to the romantic gondola’s in Venice, Italy is bound to keep visitors preoccupied and busy. It is best to map out and plan the details of your trip before arriving to Italy because there is so much to see.

Our quick Travel Tips for Italy by region and city:

  • In short, the city of Pisa is a must see, however it should be known that in no more than 2 hours can visitors see everything there is to see in Pisa so do not plan a whole day here.
  • imageVenice is a tourist hot spot and visitors can easily spend a day here visiting shops, museums, famous buildings, and of course walking along the coast of the Adriatic Sea watching the gondola’s pass. Venice is also home to Saint Mark’s Basillica and other must- see monuments and buildings.
  • image (1)Rome is definitely a trip that requires a few days in order to get the full Italian experience seeing as it is the capital and the heart to so much Italian history. While here visitors need to see the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon to name a few spots.
  • The fashion capital of the world, yes we are talking about Milan, can be sufficiently seen in a few short days as well seeing as it is such a lavish city with arguably the most gorgeous cathedral of all sitting in its city center. Milan is also home to Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” painting which visitors can pay to see for 15 minutes maximum and yes this is strictly regulated.
  • If you find you need a break from the hustle of the touristic spots, Italy offers so many cliffs and mountains to climb (which also offer breathtaking views) such as the Amalfi Coast and Manarola. Manarola is a city comprised of 5 villages in Liguira and is reputed to be the most colorful city in the world which makes for a great view if you are on the mountain looking at the landscape, or on the landscape looking at all the homes on the mountains.

image (6)Events you can’t miss in Italy:

Aside from the spots you can’t miss out on visiting, there are many events in Italy that shouldn’t go unattended. The Battle of the Oranges attracts thousands of townspeople who, in short, are separated into 9 different teams and dress up in long, red Phrygran hats to throw oranges at one another. This event takes place during the traditional Ivrea carnival in February. Travelers also need to climb to the top of Florence’s Duomo in order to get the best view of Florence, that is if you are not afraid of heights and small spaces! Lastly when in Italy one should know that Italian soccer is like a second religion therefore you must see a match or enjoy a local brew and some local crazy fans at a pub on game day.
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