Travel Tips: Budapest

Budapest is a city unlike anywhere else seeing as it straddles the Danube River which quite literally draws a line separating Buda from Pest by its River. On the west side of the river traveler’s can experience Buda which is a hilly area with winding roads making their way up to the suburban areas. This side is known for its spectacular scenic views. On the contrary Pest is lively party side that youthful travelers read about. In addition to its extraordinary geographical layout, Budapest is a hot travel spot known for its rich history, public hot baths, and it’s unforgettable night life. Enjoy our travel tips Budapest page to make your travel to Europe even better! Remember that you will need a valid passport to travel to Europe, but you may not need a visa. Check out the Passport & Visa App for info on each country’s travel requirements.


Travel Tips: Budapest

History of Budapest:

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and despite the areas lengthy history Budapest is a relatively new city seeing as it’s the result of an 1873 merger between Buda, Pest, and Old Buda. The area’s rich history is full of events such as great battles, Kings, allies, and everything in between- even a few peaceful years! Nonetheless, the history and geography of this unique city  is what influences the culture and what brings so many tourists here each year.


Places of interest in Budapest:

Travel Tips Budapest Szechenyi Baths1.) The Szechenyi Baths is the most visited and the first site traveler’s must see. It was built in 1913 and its historic magic makes for a relaxing, fun, budget friendly, and perhaps even romantic evening for guests. Here visitors also have the choice to bathe in the medicinal hot springs or to splash in any of the 18 different pools, enjoy a sauna, or other amenities.


2.) Catch the best (free) panoramic view of Budapest while crossing the Chain Bridge which is the first bridge that connected Buda and Pest. In the summer months nearly every weekend guests can find a different festival hosted on the bridge, however we suggest to take this unforgettable stroll when it’s night time and the city is lit up.


3.) Spend the day on the Andrássy Avenue which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here guests can visit several crucial components to Budapest’s history. The Elizabeth Square to Oktogon can be accessed which is mainly shops and buildings but also home to the infamous Opera House and Liszt Ferenc Square. The House of Terror Museum is also located here which is a point of interest, or guests can get a view into how the locals live by seeing villas, gardens, and getting coffee to take part in the locals favorite activity: People Watching.


Events you can’t miss in Budapest:

1.) From June- August every year visitors can catch The Budapest Summer Festival which offers a wide range of cultural programs throughout the summer which is perfect for traveler’s. The event kicks off with a concert by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra and continues with various artists. This is a great event for visitors to get a glimpse deeper into Budapest’s history and culture.


Travel Tips Budapest Festival2.) For more popular, main stream artists visitors should come to the Sziget Festival which takes place on Óbudai Island (aka Hajógyári Island) in Óbuda which is a northern Budapest. In 2016 artists such as Rihanna, Muse, and David Guetta played and has gotten the attention of many music fans and party-goers.


3.) Something perhaps more family oriented is on the 20th of August when the Hungarian people celebrate St. Stephen’s Day as a public holiday. On this day guests celebrate with spectacular firework shows and indulge in good food. St. Stephen’s Day a celebration of the foundation of the Hungarian state as a whole more than 1,000 years ago!


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