Travel Tips: An Afternoon in Bavaria

A Day Well Spent in –Veitshöchheim

VeitshöchheimIf you’re looking for traditional German charm, this city is the jackpot. This small city of nearly 10,000 inhabitants is the perfect day time detour when traveling in Bavaria. Being less than 15 minutes in a car from Wurzburg, one of the biggest wine centers in Franconia, Veitshöchheim is an authentic German village-like spot for a day trip.

After getting accustomed to its sweet yet small cobblestone streets and rainbow painted city buildings, travelers must visit the the the Schloss Veitshöchheim. VeitshöchheimThis is the ‘sister castle’ to the Residence of Wurzburg seeing as it was built as a summer palace for the Prince-Bishops of Wurzburg in 1680-82. It is clear that these two grand palaces are similar as they were both made to their glory by German architect Balthasar Neumann.

Unlike at the Wurzburg Residence, the Schloss Veitshöchhei has a beautiful pond in the center of its magnificent gardens. Bring some bread because there are hundreds of hungry fishes that will put on a show for some snacks! All in all, this park offers the royal gardens and scenery that will impress any guest! Visitors can also enter the palace for free.

VeitshöchheimTreating yourself to ice cream is undoubtedly a must when traveling in the summertime, but you can easily pay 5 Euros (if you want more than just one scoop). When visiting Veitshöchheim take a pit stop at Eis Stephan, a charming ice cream and yogurt parlor. Here there is a special ice cream cone where you can get 6 scoops of different ice creams for 2.50 Euros (3 Euro with whipped cream!) and it is only less than 5 minutes from the palace.

Veitshöchheim ice creamThose who travel often know that this price is unheard of! On the street two scoops of ice cream is easily 5 Euros. Now doesn’t this day trip sound sweeter?!

Remember that you will need a valid passport to travel Europe. However, for Americans, you won’t need a visa beforehand. You can simply arrive to Europe and have 90 days of travel with JUST your valid U.S. Passport. For more information, please review our Schengen Zone blog post.


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