Travel Safety Tips: Malaysian Flight Downed

As news spreads across the globe about the Malaysian flight that was apparently shot down by militants near the border of the Ukraine and Russia, our hearts go out to the friends and family impacted by this tragedy. Tragedies of this magnitude are devastating. As we continue to follow the news surrounding this upsetting event, we would like to remind all travelers to follow simple steps for travel safety tips.


Always let your friends and family know your itinerary. When anything happens in the world news, your friends and family will immediately worry about you. Keeping people aware of your destination, hotel, and travel plans will help friends and family stay up to date on your whereabouts.

Make digital copies of your travel documents. This means emailing yourself a copy of your passport and itinerary. While this information should be closely guarded, it will help in the event that you lose your passport or tickets while traveling.

Stay alert. While tragedies of this magnitude will always strike at random, you can do your part by staying alert. Always report suspicious activity to the authorities. It will also help prevent you from being the victim of petty theft. Keep your headphones off while sitting at the train station, and always keep your baggage on you. Be hesitant to trust anyone too confidently.


Travel Safety Tips: Malaysian Flight Downed

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with the friends and family that are impacted by this tragedy. So far there are a reported 295 people killed in the attack. As more details unfold, we hope that the world can have kindness and love in their hearts.


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