Travel New Zealand’s Best Kept Secret

New Zealand is a complicated and fascinating place. It’s a tiny country, far away from most of the world, and yet in it’s tiny body it contains some of the most dramatic and incredible landscapes the world has to offer. While much of New Zealand is easy to cover as a casual traveler, there is a place that is often only covered by the most clever of travelers and most commonly, the locals.



Sure, The Abel Tasman and the South Island get’s its fair share of publicity, but the area known as Northland is a hidden gem for travelers and locals. It’s conveniently located in the North Island, just north of Auckland, where you’re likely to fly into as its the main airport of New Zealand. Northland is an area that has hundreds of miles of empty coastline, and yet it’s thin enough that one can drive from one coast to the other in an hour.

Travel New Zealand’s Best Kept Secret

The beauty of Northland comes after spending a few days road tripping back and forth from coast to coast. If you arrive to a beach with even one other person there, you will feel it’s too crowded and head off to another isolated beach. You can drive to the east coast for a sunrise and then head an hour or two west and enjoy the sunset later in the day. It’s beach after empty beach, and the locals, if you are fortunate to even come across any, will treat you with such kindness that you will wonder why you ever need to leave. Once you finally make it to the northernmost tip of Northland, you’ll find yourself at Cape Reinga, a place where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see the currents collide between the two bodies of water.


New Zealand is the country that everyone dreams of, and yet, it doesn’t have to be the place of your dreams. It’s accessible, and if you plan it right, flights can be surprisingly affordable. Once you’re there, find some other adventuring travelers and rent a camper. Then, head north into Northland. Even if that’s all you see, you won’t feel like you missed anything. Don’t be afraid to make the trip and travel New Zealand’s best kept secret.


U.S. Citizens will need a valid U.S. Passport, but no visa is required for stays of 90 days or less. This is great news for you! So grab your passport, and head on south to Northland! If you need a passport, contact Fastport Passport. Fastport Passport is a U.S. State Department-registered expediter that has been getting Americans to travel throughout New Zealand for over ten years. They can get you your passport in as little as 24 hours if necessary.

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