Smart travelers will have Travel Insurance to protect against anything unexpected that may happen. Travelex Travel Protection may help. You’ll want to find a plan for your needs, and that may include covering emergency overseas medical treatment. This includes treatment in a clinic or hospital as well as medicines and any physiotherapy prescribed by your treating Doctor. Coverage also handles lost or stolen gear and trip cancellations.

Travelex Banner Travel Protection PlanTravel insurance can be a wise investment. Or it can be a needless expense. Many avid travelers move all over the world without ever even considering purchasing trip insurance.  They find travel insurance unnecessary because, often, they’re planning budget trips or they don’t consider themselves at high risk for cancellation. To figure out whether it’s wise to insure your trip, ask yourself some important questions.  Are you planning an unusually long and expensive journey, such as a honeymoon or an extended trip to the Far East? If you were forced to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen reason, would you be ok with the financial loss?Travelex Banner Travel Protection Plan

If you’re in a higher-risk situation let’s  say, your medical insurance doesn’t cover you abroad or you’re traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season — travel insurance might be a smart purchase. Otherwise, maybe you’re better off pocketing the extra hundred dollars or so and taking your chances on the road. In any case, now you know, now you decide.

Travelex Banner Travel Protection PlanMaybe you need more convincing? Reasons You Do Not Need Travel Insurance

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