Travel Hacks – 9 Things NOT To Do When You Travel

travel hacksEvery coin has two sides. You already know what you are supposed to do and bring when going for a trip. The question is, do you know the don’ts of every trip? When you are traveling, you may make numerous mistakes which could have been avoided if you had the right information. These mistakes can cost you a lot, like time and money. These travel hacks will help you know what you have to keep in mind.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

At the beginning, you may feel as though you are wasting your money. But trust us, you are doing the right thing when you apply for travel insurance. You may know some things about the country you are traveling to but you have no idea what may happen once you’re there. This insurance will cover your medical and non-medical emergencies. You may lose a lot by not having this when you are traveling.

Avoid Exchanging Money At The Airport

The best thing to do when you are on a trip is to use plastic money. The only time that you may exchange money at an airport is during an emergency or when the exchange rates are good for you. The best place for you to exchange your money is at the bank and not at the airport. Rates at the airport can be unbelievably low and you will only lose your money for nothing.

Don’t Eat At A Tourist Site

These sites are made to take your money. At these places, you will find that they have doubled the price of food and care less about the quality. They know that you are not going to come back to that place soon. Find another place where you will get quality for your money. When you move further from the tourist site, you will find that food is cheaper and better.

Don’t Ignore Other Search Engines

To find a certain place in a country, it is better to use a search engine that will give you exclusive information about the place. Sometimes we lose a lot by using search engines that are only located in the US. They will give information about the place but may not give fine details about it. To expand your options, you can use Momondo, Skyscanner and Google to get more details about the place.

Don’t Use A Taxi

You may think that is the best and cheapest method to travel. The moment you ask for a taxi, the taxi driver spots a gold mine. They are overpriced even when you are traveling for a short distance. In fact, it is more fun and cheaper to use public means to travel. Only use a taxi only when you are in a hurry or when you are traveling with a group.

Don’t Be Too Excited About Your Trip

You should be looking forward to your trip but you should avoid making mistakes in the process. Out of excitement, you may end up booking your trip too early and pay more than the normal rate. Take time and only book the trip only when you are sure the prices are down.

Don’t Lose Time In The Name Of Saving

Sometimes you can waste time in the name of saving. For example, you can save money by walking instead of riding a bus. However, it may take you hours to reach your destination and you may even lose a lot more than you are saving.

Don’t Be Careless

When you decide to use public transport instead of using a taxi, you should be careful. Be alert when you choose this way to travel as thieves and pickpocket are waiting to victimize you. Take good care of your luggage.

Don’t Be Too Picky

When you are traveling, don’t avoid hospitality networks. You will be allowed to stay in this place and also have cross-cultural exchange. You will get a chance to interact with people with different cultures from different countries. You will get a lot of fun here than when you are alone in your hotel.

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