Travel Country Spotlight: Norway

Spotlight Country: Norway

travel tips: NorwayNorway may be better referred to as an adventure seekers playground. Although this country tops the charts of one of the most expensive countries to travel to, Norway will repay you with the most unforgettable and beautiful landscapes in the world. Year round there are exciting activities for traveler’s to take part in. The warmer months allow for some world- class hiking through the picturesque mountains and valleys, cycling, and even white- water rafting while the winter offers dog-sledding, skiing and snowboarding and snowmobiling to list a few. Perhaps plan to travel here when you can catch a front row seat of the northern lights! The possibilities for activities are truly endless. Grab your passport and check the passport validity, and head on over to Norway!

Brief History of Norway

In comparison to other great EU countries, Norway is considered to be a young country seeing as they gained independence in 1905. Norway was under German occupation in World War II which leaves behind some interesting historical remains. However, now Norway is known for being a peace-loving nation and their ways of negotiation and settling conflict often make them an ideal country to win the Nobel Peace Prize each year. It was in the late 1960’s that large files of oil and gas were founded off the Norwegian coast which has immensely impacted the country’s economy. Norway is a very strong and patriotic country which is clear to see seeing as they have been voted the best country to live in by the United Nations.

Norway Places of Interest:

1.) Travelers must see this spectacular area where you can see both waterfalls and glaciers as well as valleys and lakes all from one spot. The Jotunheimen National ParkJotunheimen is a largely undisturbed mountain area in Eastern Norway where nature lovers dreams come true. This area covers about 3,500 square kilometers which also includes the Galdhøpiggen mountains, which is Norway’s highest mountain.
2.) The Arctic Circle is quite hard to miss seeing as a sizable section of the northern part of Norway is located within the Arctic Circle which is fantastic for visitors. If you catch this during the summer months you will witness days where the sun never sets, but if you visit during the winter months you can witness Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights.
3.) Another site visitors must see is the five mile long Atlantic Ocean Road which is one of the 18 National Tourist Routes in Norway. It also serves as an important connection for the maze that the tiny islands create but regardless of the weather or season visitors can visit charming little villages and the famous Troll’s Church Cave from this route along with many other pop-up tourist attractions along the way.

Events you can’t miss in Norway:

To say that Norway has a full social calendar is not totally an exaggeration seeing as each month of the year there are at least two major festivals occurring. Whether they are celebrating the rich jazz history in their region, films, or the nature itself there is nearly always something going on which is lovely for visitors. Here are a few events to plan a trip around when you visit Norway.

Music festivals:

1.) The two largest festivals in Oslo are Norwegian Wood and The Øya festival. 
Norwegian Wood is a three day festival that celebrates the best of rock music. The festival takes place in Frogner Park and performers include house hold, international names as well as local up and coming bands. showcases big-name international artists as well as up-and-coming local ands. The Øya fest is directed towards a younger crowd with a focus on hip hop/rap and electronic music and both are bound to be a great time for any trip.
2.) Nordlysfestivalen
Nordlysfestivalen, or the Northern Lights Festival, is a week long festival that takes place in Tromsø towards the end of January. For the duration of the fest Norwegians and other traveler’s celebrate the return of the sun with classical and contemporary music.
3.) Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival (BIFF)
Yet another spectacular week long festival is the BIFF which runs from the middle to late October. This festival differs from the other featured festivals because it celebrates international films all week long and is the best one in the country that take place in various venues amongst the city center which is a great way to explore Norway. This is also a very family friendly event, for traveler’s of all ages.
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