Top 10 Travel Inspiration Videos

Travel is wonderful alone but many times it’s even better when shared. These videos are some of the best travel content on the internet. We’ve put them all here for your quick viewing pleasure. Enjoy the Top 10 Travel Inspiration Videos!

  1. If you want to know what living a travel adventure looks like, this video is all you need. One traveler’s journey into making life the journey and travels.
  2. This video is like a high quality commercial for the world and all it’s amazing cultures and sceneries. So well produced, we wish we could jump into the camera.
  3. Perhaps our personal favorite, this quick video will allow you to see the world and may inspire you to come up with your own little video ideas for your travels. Simple and beautiful.
  4. The All Time Classic of ‘Where is Matt”. Honestly, all of these are great travel inspirations. He seems to make one every year! Love this guy, and you will too.
  5. Short clips are great to get that quick travel buzz going. This one is 1 minute long so you can definitely spare the time to check it out.
  6. One second for every country in the entire world. Yes, this one traveler did just that. It get’s monotonous at times, but he is the real deal. Oh yeah, and he currently lives on his own island in Panama!
  7. Filmed entirely in Turkey, you will dream about your next trip to the world where East Meets West.
  8. Another ‘Where is Matt?” awesome dancing video. This one is a bit more choreographed and you can really see his sweet dancing skills improving. It also really makes you want to dance around the world.
  9. The Three-Year Selfie is one man’s long adventure around the world and of course, all captured with a selfie stick.
  10. Hilarious outtakes of the adventures of dancing Matt.








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