7 Commonly Known But Rarely Done Tips For Passport Processing

For all U.S. citizens, a passport is required when traveling by air, sea or land. A passport is not required when you are traveling to U.S. virgin lands, like Puerto Rico. You can use your government ID, driver’s license, or birth certificate when you are traveling to Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean and Canada, but a passport is still recommended.

Everybody needs a passport while traveling and it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks for your passport to be processed, and sometimes up to three months. So, to make the process of passport application easy, let’s look at some tips that you already know but rarely use.

Submit All The Necessary Documents To Avoid Delay

For you to get a passport, you must provide documents to prove your citizenship and your identity. To prove your citizenship, you must provide your birth certificate and certificate of citizenship. To prove your identity, you need a government ID or military ID, driver’s license and previously issued passport.

passport applicationFor your first passport application, you must appear at the passport agency in person. Make sure that you carry the original and photocopy of the said documents. This will make the process of application easier and faster. You will waste time and will just be frustrated by the agency if you don’t have these documents as you cannot proceed to apply for a passport.

Fill Out Necessary Information For The Processing Forms

You are required to fill out a DS-11 form which can be done manually or online. The information in this form should be 100% true and correct. Details in this form include your Social Security Number, place where you were born, where you currently live, etc. This information is for your security. If the agency discovers that some information is missing or false, then your application will be declined and you have to go through it all again.

Ask For More Pages On Your Passport

This is so that you won’t need a replacement soon. Applying for a passport does not only take time but also money. $135 for a person above the age of 16 and $105 for younger ones. To be able to renew your passport, you will be asked to pay $110 for adults and $105 for under 16 years of age. To save time and money, ask for more pages so that it can last longer before you go for passport renewal.

Online Passport Processing For Convenience

Things are simple now and you can apply for your passport online. You can fill out a DS-11 at Fastport Passport and then print it. Visit a store with a photo lab to get a passport picture. When applying for a passport online, make sure that you have all the information about your parents and yourself ready.

Have Your Passport Expedited

online passportThis is so you don’t have to wait for a long time. If you are traveling in the next 30 days, or sooner, you can apply for an expedited passport with Fastport Passport and get their expedited service.

It takes as fast as 24 hours to process and they have easy checklists, ongoing support and quality service guaranteed.

Process In Groups

If you need a passport, it is better to process the passport of your family members too so you can save time. You can save a lot of time if you apply for several passports all at once.

Have Backup Copies

Once you have your passport, make a copy of it as a backup in case you lose the original. It will take time for you to get your passport back if you lose it. However, if you have proof that you have been given a passport before, then it will be simpler for you. Have a photocopy of your passport because it will come in handy.


Online passport processing is a service that can save you a lot of time and money. Doing that, along with these other tips, you will be able to avoid a lot of stress when processing your passport. Check out Fastport Passport for more information.


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