The Cheapest Way to Get a Passport

fastport passportYour passport is literally your ticket to explore the world. If you plan to travel abroad, you will need a passport. A passport is a government issued document that verifies your identity and nationality. It allows you to travel in and out of the country. Many times, a visa is also required. This is a stamp or sticker issued to by the country you are planning to travel. So what is the cheapest way to get a passport?

The Cheapest Way to Get a Passport

Passport prices vary based on how fast you need your passport and the passport type needed. The cheapest way to get a passport is to plan in advance. Routine processing can take up to 6 weeks or longer. This is the cheapest way to get a passport. Adult passport fees are $110 for the passport book. A child passport is $80 for the passport book. An acceptance agent is needed to verify the signatures and identity of the applicant. This is usually the post office or county clerk. Their fee is $25.

The Expensive Way to Get a Passport

If you need your passport faster, additional fees can be paid to the U.S. Department of State. If you pay an additional $60, you can get 3 week processing. If you have an emergency and need to travel within 5 days, you may be able to make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency. Unfortunately an appointment is often required and Regional Passport Agencies are only in select cities.

Get Your Passport Fast

If you need your passport fast but can’t get an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency or you just don’t want to deal with that hassle, a registered passport expediting service can help you. Their fees will be on top of the government fees, but it is a secure and fast way to get your passport.


There are many ways to get a passport. Processing times will play a major role in the cost of a passport. If you need a passport fast, you will pay more for your passport. If time is not an issue, then you are able to save money on your passport.



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