Thailand Travel Budget for Two

Thailand Travel Budget for Two

You will often wake up early in Thailand. The weather is hot and budget accommodations may not have air conditioning. Budget accommodation can cost under $7 a night (200 baht) for a double room. You will get fairly decent wi-fi, a western toilet, a fan, and hot water. This is fancy enough for most on a budget and it allows a convenient  location to the hot spots of Thailand. You can wander out for breakfast, which can be had on the street for as little as $1, though it is nice to splurge and enjoy a nice sit down breakfast (eggs, toast, coffee or tea, fruit, smoothies) for under $7. Total. That means for two people.

The Lighthouse Bungalows in Koh Phangan


You can spend the next few hours meandering the town and markets. Mostly just soaking in the atmosphere. You may end up spending $2 on waters for the day, but that’s only if you are heavy water drinkers (on

e big bottle is usually less than fifty cents). Another luxury item that is easy to indulge in  are the daily  fruit smoothies that are available on the street. Every street has food cart vendors making them fresh for $1.


If you are feeling extra posh you can go for Thai massages. A one hour massage will set you back $5 each. After a bit more wandering or an afternoon nap (it can be an exhausting day as you can tell) you may be up for another meal. This is always cheaper than breakfast if you do it right since Thai food is cheap and delicious. You may spend around  $4 total, including two drinks (that’s $2 a person for those of you mathematically-challenged). Hit up the fo

od trucks again for this divine food.


If you are on a budget you should consider the two meal system, supplemented by snacks or fruits throughout the day. Fresh fruit expenses are usually fifty cents a day.


If you are beer drinkers, end your night right with a few cold beers. It is hot in Thailand. The max you will spend (if you’re not looking for a party time) is anywhere from $3-10 on a night of drinking, though it’s usually on the low end.

Thailand Travel for Two Total Budget: $40-50 (sleep, food, beers, and massage)

Thailand is a great destination for those on a budget. If you have more money to spend, then you can certainly find ways to spend it in Thailand. Luxury resorts can be found everywhere, usually right down the beach or an island over from the budget backpacker accommodations. So before you go to Thailand, don’t forget your passport? Stop by Fastport Passport to get your expedited passport FAST!

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