Strange Things Left on Planes

The Strange Things Left Behind on Planes

Dried Fish, Bag of Diamonds Among Weird Items Left on Planes

Traveling sometimes can wipe us out. Even though you are sitting on the airplane for hours at a time. It even causes us to forget common items on the airplane or according to this article on ABC, not so “common” items. A glass eye is just one of the surprising things left behind on a plane.


Here are some crazy and strange things left on planes by fellow travelers. This research is according to a new survey of 700 cabin crew members across 83 countries by travel web site


7 Items Left Behind On A Planes

One unlucky bride left her wedding dress behind. Let’s hope it was post-wedding, rather than pre-wedding. And along those same lines, one crew member found a written marriage proposal. Intended recipient? Unclear. There have been countless wedding rings and other jewels left behind on airplanes as well.


Under the category of bizarre, there was the box of dried fish one passenger left behind. Under the category of awesome, there was the bag of diamonds.


Link to a slideshow showing the crazy items left on the plane (thanks to


Then there’s the underwear. Yes, underwear.


And what about those smaller, less bizarre items? They get left behind too. Almost a quarter of the crew surveyed have found a lost passport, which is even higher than the number of phones (23 percent) and books (21 percent) left behind.


Traveling on a plane in the near future and need your passport to get you there. Maybe you need a professional expediting company like Fastport Passport. Or maybe you were one of the many who lost their passport on the plane. Either way, give us a call and we can help you replace your lost passport. We sadly cannot help you if you lost your glass eye or your bag of diamonds though.

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