Your Social Security Number and Your Passport

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The U.S. Passport book is a vital document for U.S. citizens. The passport allows you to travel internationally, including the Canada and Mexico. The passport is required for all international travel, including most cruises that visit foreign countries. The passport book is valid for 10 years for adults age 16 and older. For applicants age 15 and younger, the passport is valid for 5 years.

Your Social Security Number and Your Passport

What is a social security number? The SSN is a government issued number and document provided for all U.S. citizens at birth or upon naturalization. The SSN is also issued to permanent residents and temporary working residents. It is most commonly used for tax purposes. You will need your social security number when applying for your U.S. passport. However, the Social Security Number is NOT on your passport book or passport card. The SSN is only for the application and may be retained by the U.S. Department of State for record purposes. The Social Security Number and your Passport often go hand-in-hand as both are considered vital documents and should be kept safe.

What information is listed on a passport?

The information listed on your passport is general information. Your name, nationality, place of birth, date of issuance, date of expiration, special endorsements, sex, and your passport number. There are some additional pieces of information but generally, that is the information you will need to know. Your address is NOT on your passport. There is no address listed on a passport. You will need to provide your address and additional details on your application that will be retained for record purposes. Much of this information will not show up on your passport.

Social Security Number and Passport Card

Passport Card sample and no social security number presentThe passport card is a drivers license sized passport document. The passport card is only valid for land and sea travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It’s recommended that applicants carry a passport book as well in the event that air travel is necessary to get back home. Your Social Security Number is not listed on your passport card.

No Social Security Number Issued for Passport Application

What happens if you do not have a social security number? You should contact the Social Security Administration as everyone is issued a SSN. However, newborn babies may not have a SSN in time for their first passport. If this happens to you, you can enter all zeros on the application as the birth date will be taken into consideration on the application. Everyone else must have proof of social security number in order to apply for a passport. The social security number is not printed on your passport.

Traveling soon and need a passport immediately?

Expedited passport service is needed for all applicant’s that need a passport sooner than 4 weeks. For more information, please visit our expedited passport page. You can get your passport as quickly as 24 hours. You will not need your social security card in order to apply for a passport.


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