Passports Online is powered by Fastport Passport, the leading Passport Expeditor. For over ten years, Fastport Passport has expedited thousands of passports and vital documents for clients nationwide. With a guaranteed success rate above 99.9%, Fastport Passport exclusively uses FedEx tracking. The Tracking Number ensures we know exactly where you vital documents are at any moment.

The shipping charges are for return shipping. They are separate from the government fees and the expeditor fee. Please refer to our fees page for additional information.

Shipping Options

Next Day Shipping ($30): Shipped overnight, arrives the next day between 9am-12 pm

First Overnight Shipping ($80): Shipped overnight, arrives to the client between 6am-8am

Saturday Shipping ($60): Shipped from us on Friday, arrives to the client on Saturday

Delta Dash ($125): If immediate flights are available, same day flight delivery. Delta Airlines will deliver to the airport of your choice.

International FedEx ($100): Can take 2 days due to customs clearance.

Local Pick Up ($0): Only available in the New York area (Brooklyn headquarters

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