Second Duplicate Passport

second-duplicate-passport-fastport-passportSecond Duplicate Passport

The second duplicate passport and passport renewals both use the DS-82 form. Traditionally, U.S. citizens can only have one valid passport at a time. There are some extenuating circumstances where a second duplicate passport will be issued. For example, a passport holder may need to get a visa. They submit their passport to a foreign government for the visa, but it may take weeks to get processed. If that passport holder needs to travel, they will need a second duplicate passport.   Another example is the passport holder who travels to different countries that are at war or at conflict. They could be denied entry to a country if they have visa stamps from other countries. This can be avoided by having a second duplicate passport.  

Second Duplicate Passport vs.  Replacement Passport

If your passport is lost, stolen, or missing, you need a passport renewal. If your passport is damaged or mutilated, you will need a new passport. A second duplicate passport is a unique scenario. It does not apply to many applicants.   A second duplicate passport can be had in two weeks or less, or as fast as 24 hours if needed. Click on the Second Duplicate Checklist for the forms and steps to get your passport fast. You can also use the order form below:    

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