The second duplicate passport and passport renewals both use the DS-82 form. Traditionally, U.S. citizens can only have one valid passport at a time. There are some extenuating circumstances where a second duplicate passport will be issued. For example, a passport holder may need to get a visa. They submit their passport to a foreign government for the visa, but it may take weeks to get processed. If that passport holder needs to travel, they will need a second duplicate passport. Another example is the passport holder who travels to different countries that are at war or at conflict. They could be denied entry to a country if they have visa stamps from other countries. This can be avoided by having a second duplicate passport. It is however, a rare circumstance that a traveler actually needs a second duplicate passport and you will need a Second Duplicate Passport Request Letter.

Processing Times

Option #1: The traditional way to get your second duplicate passport is by mail. This option costs $110 through the U.S. Department of State. Processing times can be slow. Only do this option if you are NOT traveling in the next 30 days.

Option #2: If you need your second duplicate passport quicker, you will need to use an expedited option. You can call and make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency or you can use a private expediting company. They are a government registered courier service like Fastport Passport, and can secure your second duplicate passport in two weeks or less, as fast as 24 hours.

Passport Fees Explained:

Apply for Routine Service:
$110 government fee for passport

Apply for Expedited Service:
$60 government fee (2-3 week service)
Additional fees for private expediting for passport service in two weeks or less.

Common Questions?

Q: How long is my passport  valid for?
A: Passports for adults are valid for 10 years but you are eligible to renew early should any descriptive data, or your physical appearance change. A second duplicate passport is usually only valid for 1 year.
Q: Do I need 6 months of passport validity on my passport to travel?
A: Yes it is not required to have at least 6 months of passport validity to travel internationally. Some countries require you to have more than 3 months. The bottom line please renew your passport prior to your travel as many applications get rejected at the airport for not meeting this requirement.
Q: What happens to my current passport?
A: When you apply for your second duplicate passport, the State Department returns your old passport with the newly issued limited temporary second duplicate passport.

Second Duplicate Passport vs. Replacement Passport

If your passport is lost, stolen, or missing, you need a passport renewal. If your passport is damaged or mutilated, you will need a new passport. A second duplicate passport is a unique scenario. It does not apply to many applicants. A second duplicate passport can be had in two weeks or less, or as fast as 24 hours if needed.

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