rush us passport serviceAmerican travelers who need a passport fast will often need to order rush U.S. passport service. Rush passport service is also known as passport expediting. Expedited passport service can help you get a passport in two weeks or faster. That means if you need a passport faster than routine processing, you will need to order rush passport service, as routine processing can take 4-6 weeks or longer. Faster processing times are available through alternative outlets. Travelers that use a private rush passport service may be able to get their passport as fast as 24 hours.

Rush U.S. Passport Service Flow Chart

If you are not in need of fast, rush U.S. passport service, you can visit your local passport acceptance agent. The post office or county clerk can provide routine service. You may be able to request rush passport service that can process your passport in two to three weeks. However, if you need a U.S. passport sooner, you’ll need to find a faster rush U.S. passport service. Private U.S. passport expediting companies are one such avenue to secure a rush U.S. passport faster than the three week service offered through the post office. Do your research beforehand and make sure the rush passport service is legitimate. You may find this by searching the company on the Better Business Bureau, reviewing their profiles on Social Media, Yelp, and other review centered sites.

rush us passport service how it works

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