How to Renew Your Passport in Three Days or Less

How to Renew Your Passport in Three Days or Less

Passport renewals are easy to do in three days or less. Routine processing can take up to 6 weeks, but through expediting processes, you can have your passport fast. If you have a valid adult passport (16 or older when you received it), you can apply for a renewal. If your passport is damaged, or your passport was received when you were 15 or younger, you are not eligible for an adult renewal. You must apply for a New Adult Passport. Additionally, if your passport is more than 5 years expired, you must apply for a new adult passport.

Renew your passport in three days or less by ordering expedited passport processing.  Our processing times are based on when we get the documents from you. Refer to the Renewal Passport Instructions on the documents that you need to send in to us. Fortunately the adult renewal can be done through the mail, so you can have this process started right away.

How it works: You gather the documents as per our instructional checklist. Take the documents and photos and mail them to us. We recommend using FedEx or UPS with overnight shipping and tracking number. The sooner we get your documents, the sooner we can submit the passport for processing.

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