Protect Your Passport – Scams, Fraud And Theft

It is easy to keep your passport safe at home but it’s not the same when you are traveling. An interesting trip can be cut short when your passport is stolen. When you begin your trip you need to make sure that your passport is well protected. Let’s look at ways to protect your passport from theft, fraud or scams.


process passportUnited States started issuing passports with RFID chip since 2006. This chip makes your personal data stored in the passport accessible from a distance. To protect your data, you can disable RFID or destroy it completely.

Check if your passport has a rectangle with a circle and a line through it on the cover. The passport cover will protect the chip inside but this is not safe if it is open.

For maximum protection, close your purse at all times while traveling. Have a shielded case to protect your passport or wrap it using aluminum foil. To destroy RFID chip permanently, you can fry it in a microwave for several seconds or find the exact location of the chip and hammer it to disable it.

Lock Up

Whether you are at home or traveling, make sure that your passport is securely locked up. Keep the passport in a fire proof container or a safety deposit box. Find a safe place to keep the passport when you are on a trip. Avoid giving all your passports to one person. In a hotel, keep your passport in a secured room or hotel safe.


Have copies of your passport. This will be good for you if you lose the original. The photocopy will help you get replacement fast. Give the extra copies to your friend or family members.

Passport Holder

Purchase a passport holder to keep your passport safe. They are designed to be worn under your clothes. These holders will also protect your IDs, credit cards, tickets and cash. With these holders, your documents will be protected from pickpockets and thieves. Some holders are designed to keep the passport and other contents clean and dry as well.


passport processThe easiest way to keep your document safe is by locking the bag which most of us forget when we are in a hurry. The next thing that we fail doing is keeping an eye on our bag. So as to keep your document safe, buy a bag that has a small travel lock.

You can lock your bag using a lock or a password. This will make it difficult for a thief to steal your passports and other documents. You can have a wire netting that covers the entire bag. This will protect the side pockets and zippers.

In Crowds

Make sure that all of your documents are close to you. In a crowded place, use a travel wallet or waist belt to carry your documents. Be aware of pickpockets and be extra careful with your properties. Carry your wallet in the front pocket instead of the back pocket. Leave all of your important documents and extra cash safely locked away in the office or hotel safe.


Always make sure that your passport is hidden. You will be attracting pickpockets and thieves if you carry your passport in your hands. Avoid leaving your passport as a deposit in a hotel or in a tourist site. The easiest way of losing your documents is by keeping everything together. Before you start your journey, keep items at different areas such that if you lose one part you will not lose everything important.

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