Do Pets Need Passports?

Do Pets Need Passports?

Pet Passports? Yes! Pets need passports, too!

Are you shocked? It’s true, you aren’t the only living being who needs a new passport to travel internationally. To have your pet tag along with you overseas, he or she will need as passport, too!

How to Apply for Pet Passports

The system which  The Pet Travel Scheme (“PETS”) is a system that allows animals to travel between member countries without undergoing quarantine. A pet passport is a document that provides an official record of information to move your pet from one destination to another. In other words, pet passports serve as a simple and fast travel system between member countries.

This also applies when you are moving from the mainland to Hawaii. Thus, if you live in California and want to move with your dog to Hawaii, you must still follow these requirements.

Pet Passports | Steps & Requirements

To apply for a pet passport, you must provide the following items:

1. Microchip: Your pet must have a microchip that complies with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785 to prove its identity.

NOTE: You must complete the microchip implantation BEFORE the rabies vaccination.

2. Rabies Vaccination & Certificate: Prove your pet received a rabies vaccination.

Therefore, you must have an original Rabies Certificate. This certificate must state the microchip number, the date of inoculation, and the validity of the related vaccination as some rabies vaccinations are good for 2 years while others are only good for 1 year.

3. Rabies Titer / FAVN-OIE Tests: The FAVN or Fluorescent Antibody Viral Neutralization (FAVN) Blood Test ensures the rabies vaccinations provided sufficient rabies antibody levels. An approved Government Facility (e.g., the USDA) must endorse the test prior to export.

There is a ‘Six Month Wait’ starting on the day blood is drawn. Make sure you plan ahead when traveling with a pet to give yourself enough time to receive the passport.

To qualify for entry, the blood test results must show 0.5 IU/ml or above.

4. Letter From Your Vet: Obtain a typed letter from your vet on the company letterhead. It must show the following details:

  • The date when the vet implanted the microchip.
  • The microchip number.
  • Your pet’s information (e.g., name, breed, sex & age.).

ATTENTION: If you completed the Rabies Vaccination and ran the blood test on the same day, please state that the vaccination was given BEFORE the blood was drawn.

5. EU Vet Health Certificate (Form EC#: 998) – Your accredited veterinarian must fill out this standard Health Certificate.

NOTE: This certificate is only valid for 4 months. Therefore, it is better not to obtain too early.

6. USDA Endorsement:  The USDA must endorse the above referenced forms, which include:

  • Microchip Implantation Record
  • Rabies Certificate
  • Rabies Titer Test Results
  • Vet Letter
  • EU Vet Health Certificate

It must be sent to your local USDA to receive its stamp of approval.

Final Step

Within 24-48 hours prior to departure, you must return to your Veterinarian to request both an International Health Certificate AND proof of Tick/Tapeworm Treatments.

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Pet Passports Information

We know this process may be lengthy but having valid pet passports will keep your pets out of quarantine when traveling internationally!

Don’t forget that YOU also need a passport to travel internationally along with your pet. A private expediting service can get you your passport within 2 weeks of your departure date.

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