Passports for Infants, Children, and Minors

No matter what your age, a passport is a document you won’t leave home without.

Passports for Infants, Children, and Minors

All U.S. citizens (including infants) must possess their own valid passport when traveling internationally. Parents may sign for a child who is too young to sign their own name by signing their name and their relationship to the child. Only a mother, father or legal guardian can fill out, sign and submit passport documentation for children under 15. Remember that the child must be present at the passport acceptance agent location with current ID.


Your baby’s first passport will be valid for 5 years from its date of issue. When it expires,  you will have to go through the process for a new minor passport until they reach their 16th birthday and need an adult passport. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a minor ‘renewal’, so each time it is a new minor passport.


To apply for a baby passport you will need a completed application form, an original copy of your baby’s full birth certificate (this will be returned to you with the passport), 2 passport photos and proof of one parent’s nationality or immigration status such as their passport, birth certificate or a certification of their registration. If you do not have the birth certificate, you may apply for an Express Birth Certificate here.


As with adult passports, there are strict standards applied to the photographs accepted for baby’s passports. Guidelines include:


  • The photos must be ‘professionally printed’, 45mm in height and 35mm in width.

  • Photos must be taken against a plain, off white, light grey or cream background so that your baby’s features are easily distinguishable.

  • The photographs must be of your baby on their own with no dummies, toys or people in view.  Quick Tip: Cover a white towel over a baby seat to position your baby to blend with the background.

  • The whole of your baby’s face must be displayed in the photos and infants over 6 months of age must have their eyes open. If at all possible your baby should have their eyes looking towards the camera and mouth closed however they do make exceptions as this can be a difficult task.


Before 1998, an infant could be on the same passport as the parent or legal guardian. This is not the case anymore and it is required that your baby possess a personal passport.  Save some space in the diaper bag!

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