Passports from Around the World

Your passport may be the most important vital document that you ever own. A passport is a ticket to see the world, and the opportunity to represent your country while you travel internationally. But which passport is the best? Which passport is the worst? While there is no exact definition for best and worst passport, there are benefits to holding certain passports. Some countries have limited passport restrictions, while others have a great ability to offer the chance to travel the world with ease.

passports from around the world

The passport you hold is based on your citizenship. Every nation has a passport. You can view what each passport looks like by clicking on this wikipedia Passport Page. Among the most limiting passports to hold are the passports from Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nepal, Eritrea, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These nations have 40 or fewer countries a passport holder can visit without a visa. That is less than 13 percent of the world.

If you hold a passport from Finland, Sweden, and the UK, well then you are very fortunate. You have 173 countries that you can visit with visa free access. Denmark, Germany, and Luxembourg can enter 172 nations without a visa. Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands can visit 171 countries and Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Japan, and Ireland can all visit 170 countries.

U.S. citizens do not make the top three countries to hold a passport for unrestricted travel, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one! Holding a U.S. passport will still give you the opportunity to travel the whole world, so long as you apply for the visas when necessary. Currently, the U.S. passport holders can visit 172 countries with non-restrictive visa requirements.


So if you need a passport, be sure to check all your options to decide which passport application process is best for you.







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