Passport Parental ConsentPassport Parental Consent

Passport Parental Consent is required for a minor passport (also known as a child passport). It includes any applicant who is 15 years old or younger.

Secondly, all parents or guardians shown on the birth certificate must both be present at the passport acceptance facility.

Lastly, if there is only 1 parent or guardian on the birth certificate, then only that parent need be present to qualify as Passport Parental Consent.

What if a parent is missing or in jail?

If one of the parents is not available to visit the Passport Acceptance Facility, the parent can submit a notarized parental consent form.

For details on applying for a child passport, see Child Passport and our Child Passport Checklist.

NOTE: In the unfortunate circumstance of a deceased parent, you must present the death certificate.

What if I can’t find the birth certificate?

For first-time passport applications and every child passport application, you must present your birth certificate as proof of citizenship.

Importantly, the birth certificate must be the long-form birth certificate, which it lists the parents names. If you have a previously issued passport (expired), you may use it in place of a birth certificate.

In the event you cannot locate your birth certificate, please contact the hospital or county of your birth for a copy.

Last but not least, the PassportOnline.ORG Support Team can help you secure a new birth certificate, if you need it quickly. For more information, see Express Birth Certificate or learn how to replace a Missing Birth Certificate.

NOTE: Additionally, if there has been an adoption, you’ll need to present adoption paperwork.

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