Passport Name Change for Adoption

This page provides details on how to process a passport name change for adoption. Moreover, the instructions for a passport name change will depend on the age of the applicant and specific circumstances.

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Passport Name Change for AdoptionGeneral Passport Name Change Information

You must apply for a new updated passport with name changes due to marriage, divorce, or court order.

Consider these scenarios:

Passport Name Change for Adoption

When a minor has a passport name change for adoption, he or she must apply for a new minor passport.

The passport acceptance facility will require proof of name change with the application during your visit.

Child passports expire after 5 years, while adult passports expire after 10 years.

NOTE: You can NEVER renew a child minor passports by mail like an adult passport. A child minor passport is considered ‘new’ with each application.

Instructions for the Name Change

If you legally changed your name through marriage, divorce, or a court ordered change of name, you will need to apply for a new US passport. The process and fees depend on how long it has been since your received your passport.

Please see Passport Name Change for step-by-step instructions on how to change the name on your passport.


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