Helpful links and info for common passport questions, services, and scenarios. We’ve seen and heard it all, and we have assisted every imaginable scenario for passports and visas. Passport Information can be overwhelming and complex, but we aim to simplify it for you.

Passport Information:

Proof of Citizenship
Proof of Travel Plans
Proof of Identity
Sample Business Letter
Passport Parental Consent
Missing Birth Certificate
Passport Photo Requirements
Passport Application Forms
Acceptance Agent
Letter of Authorization


Pets and Passports
Passport and Visa Requirements for Europe
Can I Visit Mexico without a Passport?
Can I travel to Canada with a Felony?
Travel to Canada Requirements
Enhanced Drivers License
International Driving Permit
Free Passport (No-Fee Passport)
Special Issuance Passports
Expedited Shipping Options
Cancellation Policy
Traveling with Medications

fastportPassport Forms

Common Questions?

Do I Qualify for Expedited Passport Service?
Expedited Passports: How it Works
Can I get a Passport with a Felony?
Passport Fees Explained
Fast Passport Flow Chart
Have Passport Card But Need Passport Book
Lost Passport Book But Have Passport Card
How to Sign Your Passport Book
How Long is a Passport Valid?
How to Check Passport Validity
Six Months Passport Validity Rule
Do I Need a Passport for a Cruise?
How do I know if Fastport Passport is a Legitimate Service?
What Passport Do I Need?
Do Infants Need a Passport?
Passport Name Change for Adoption
Gender Reassignment Passport Applicants
Passport Processing Times Explained
Why is a Passport Denied?
What is a Passport Card?
What is a Second Duplicate Passport?
Second Duplicate Passport Request Letter
How to Complete the DS-11 Passport Application: Video
What is a Regional Passport Agency?
How to Renew a Temporary Limited Passport
What is a Sealed Adjudicated Envelope (Hand Carry Envelope)?
What if my name is different from my birth certificate?
Questions on International Adoption?
What is the NEXUS Travel Program?
What is the 52 Page Passport Book?
Will my passport be returned to me when I renew it?
How can I check my passport status?
What can I use for proof of identity?
What can I use for proof of travel?
Will severed weather impact passport processing times?
Can I use my own passport photo?
Where can I find a local passport acceptance agent?


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