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What is the Passport Expediting Process?

Quick Answer: The online process for expediting US passports is only through third-party, registered couriers. You’ll need to complete passport forms and gather documents as per our passport checklist, and then forward them to Fastport Passport. They’ll get the passport made quickly and deliver it to you by the next day.

Longer Answer: Firstly, PassportsOnline.ORG can help you with the passport expediting process online.

To begin with, our easy-to-follow checklists will save you the time and effort in searching the internet. In addition to our informational guide, PassportsOnline.ORG has teamed up with one of the leading official Passport Expediting Services. Our partner, Fastport Passport, will be able to process your US passport application forms and expedite your passport quickly.

A passport expediter is a U.S. Government-registered agency that can obtain a U.S. Passport within 24 hours (or as long as 30 days, if a visa is required). This option for passport expediting options requires confirmed travel plans and you must pay a passport expeditor fee separately from the government fees.

How is this possible?

Importantly, Expediting Agencies are registered couriers with the U.S. Department of State. For this reason, these companies have a unique ability to hand-carry your adjudicated envelope into a passport acceptance facility without having to schedule an appointment.

A Passport Expediting Agency can acquire your passport much faster than the general public. By and large, normal processing for a U.S. Passport takes up to 8 weeks. Comparatively, a Passport Expediting Agency can obtain a US passport as quickly as 24 hours due to a special registration status with the U.S. Department of State.

Passport Videos

Additionally, PassportsOnline.ORG provides fresh passport video content with the most accurate US passport information. Please watch any of our passport video guides for more information on how to process your passport quickly.

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