Passport Agencies Closed

passport agencies closed


Passport Agencies Closed

So what happens to the Passport Agencies when bad weather hits? Unfortunately, for many Regional Passport Agencies, bad weather causes passport agencies to close. These closures mean delays in passport processing. If you have travel plans coming up, these delays could disrupt your trip. Your passport is a vital document for international travel. Passports are required for all U.S. citizens leaving and entering the country. Without a passport, you will not be able to leave the country. When the Passport Agencies are closed, getting a new passport or renewing a passport is impossible. 


This year alone, the East Coast has received twice as much snow as a normal year, and winter isn’t over yet. Bad weather has forced the closures of many government offices this winter. The offices that haven’t had to close may end up taking the additional workload, which delays processing for many services. Either way, when you need a passport fast, any delay can ruin your chances to make your trip. If you have time to spare, then routine processing is 4-6 weeks. These Regional Passport Agencies closed will not delay the processing too greatly. However, if you need your passport fast, you will need to use a faster service. 

Get Your Passport Fast

If you need a passport fast, we can help. When Regional Passport Agencies close, it causes delays for everyone. However, because we are registered with the U.S. Department of State, we are able to get passports processed immediately. Rarely do the closures greatly impact us. We can also help secure an emergency passport in 24 hours.



We specialize in passports in two weeks or less. Don’t let the closed Regional Passport Agencies prevent you from enjoying your international travels. New passports, child passports, passport renewals, add pages and more. We do it all, and we do it fast!

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