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New Passport

A valid new passport book is required for all U.S. citizens traveling internationally. If you are traveling by land or sea, you can use a passport card. This is a passport the size of a drivers license or state ID. However, the passport card is not valid for travel by air. The passport book is the best passport to have since it is valid for all types of travel: land, sea, or air. The U.S. Department of State recommends holding the passport book in addition to the passport card.

The passport application process can be confusing and overwhelming. We have helpful resource guides to walk you through each step of the passport process. Additionally, our support staff can answer any questions you may have about the passport application process.

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First Time Applicant Eligibility:

  • is a US citizen over 16 years old AND has never had a U.S. Passport issued before.
  • OR -was under 16 years old when most recent passport was issued.
  • OR -has not had a U.S. Passport issued for over 15 years.

Required Forms & Documents:

Ds-11 Passport Application
Proof of Citizenship
Proof of Identity
Passport Photos
Proof of travel (Required if expediting within 2 weeks)

New Passport Processing Options

There are three options to secure your new passport.

Option 1: Traditional processing through the Post Office. This method takes 4-6 weeks. You can visit our local passport acceptance agency page for more information.

Option 2: Visting a regional passport agency within two weeks of your travel or 30 days if a visa is needed. An appointment is required.

Option 3: Expedited Service through a U.S. State Department-registered service. This process takes two weeks or less. As quick as 24 hours, guaranteed. If you have travel plans, then you’ll need your new passport fast. The new passport application process can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. In the simple process described below, you can have your new U.S. Passport in your hand.

Government Fees:

$110 government fee for passport (routine service 4-6 weeks)
$25 acceptance agent fee
Passport Fees Explained
If expediting:
$60 government fee (3 week service)
Additional fees for private expediting for passport service in two weeks or less.

Special Circumstance For Applicants Age 16 & 17:

Passport applicants age 16 or 17 will apply for a new adult passport. These applicants must have one of their parent or guardians present at the acceptance agent. If the parent or guardian is not available, a signed letter of passport approval/ consent must be provided along with a photocopy of the parent’s passport or drivers license.

Applicants without a driver’s license or state ID must have a parent or guardian present at the acceptance agent to verify the identity of the applicant.

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Common New Passport Questions:

Q: What is a new passport?

A: A new passport gives a U.S. citizen the ability to travel international via plane, sea, and land. Your U.S. passport is issued by the U.S. Department Of State.

Q: How long is it valid for?

A: A new passport for an adult age 16 years and older is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance. Its important to remember passport must have 6 months of passport validity prior to travel date. If you do not have 6 months of validity

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