Do I need Expedited Passport Service?



Do I need Expedited Passport Service?

Well that depends on when you’re traveling. Routine passport service takes as long as six weeks. If you’re planning to travel within 6 weeks, you may want to expedite your passport processing. The fees for a passport also depend on if you need expedited passport service.

Expedited Passport Service is any passport processing method faster than the routine processing of 4-6weeks. If you need expedited passport service, you can get your passport as fast as 24 hours. A trusted passport expeditor can secure your passport as fast as you need it. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency if you live near one. They can secure your passport in 5 days or faster. Expediting through the post office is an option, but it takes 3 weeks and will not be guaranteed.

Most people do not need expedited passport service. You can save money by using the routine processing methods. Of course, if you have travel plans and need to get your passport fast, then you can always expedite your passport application!

What are the fees if I need expedited passport service?

The government charges an additional $60 for all expedited passport applications. This $60 fee will get you 3 week service through the post office, as well as passport service if you’re near a Regional Passport Agency and can get an appointment. The $60 fee is also charged if you choose to use a private passport service. For more information, visit our Passport Fees Explained page.

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