Need a Passport Fast?

Need A Passport Fast

Need A Passport Fast

When you need a passport fast overview:

If you’re in need of a passport fast, we are just the team to help you. We specialize in emergency passport services. For over ten years, our team has secured passports for U.S. travelers when they need passports fast. Our service is for applicants who need a passport in two weeks or less, however fast you need it. We even have 24-hour processing available for certain situations. We have many different options for processing times. Just keep in mind: We do passports. Fast.

So what are the options when you need a passport fast? You can apply at your local post office or county clerk and secure the passport as quickly as 2-3 weeks depending on the season of passport services. There is no skipping the lines or easy pass lane. You still have to wait patiently to make an appointment at your local acceptance agency.

Another viable option will be applying for your passport at a regional passport agency. Going to the regional passport agency requires an appointment, proof of international travel, and an in-person appearance. The things you have to do when you need a passport fast. This option is great when you live close to a regional agency. We have a list of all agencies so you know before you go. If you have emergency travel the agency will usually issue the passport as quickly as the same day, or next business day. Words of advice please be prepared and have all your documents completed prior to your visit. You cannot bring any food into a regional passport agency so make sure you are well fed including your children. This is a federal building and no weapons are allowed in the building.

The last option when you need a passport fast is using a registered passport courier service. These services are located around the nation and have authorized slots at each regional passport agency to secure the passport within 24 hours. Service fees are paid above and beyond the government fees. Using a registered courier service is an awesome option if you do not live near a regional passport agency or you just don’t have the time to appear in person.

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