If your name has changed and your passport was issued less than one year ago, you can get your name change updated for free. If your name change happened after one year of getting your passport, then you will need to do a passport renewal.

If you want to expedite the name change passport application, you will need to pay $60 to the U.S. Department of State, plus the expeditor fee.



How to Update a Passport Name Change:

Printing Errors and Spelling Errors

There is no charge for correcting spelling and printing errors. If your name, gender, or place of birth is incorrect and your passport is still valid, it will be corrected free of charge.

If you report the error within one year of receiving the passport, you will get a new passport valid for 10 years as of the new date.

If you report the error after one year of receiving the passport, you will get a new passport valid from the original issuance date.

Fortunately, you can get a new U.S. passport in as little as 24 hours. There are different fees based on the speed that you need for your name change passport. We recommend getting your passport fixed or updated as soon as possible to avoid any additional expediting fees. Additionally, routine passport service can take a 4-6 weeks or longer. You will not want to miss your trip because your passport is inaccurate and it will not be accepted.

Passports Online provides trusted information on how to get quickly and safely update your passport name change. Don’t let an outdated passport prevent you from traveling or missing your trip.

How to Correct a Spelling or Printing Passport Error:

1. Complete DS-5504 Application Form
2. Submit one color passport photo
3. Submit evidence of the error

Most applicants who think they need a name change actually need a passport renewal. Please check the date of issuance and make sure it is less than one year old in order to apply for a name change. Otherwise, you are applying for a passport renewal and submitting proof of the name change with the passport renewal documents.

Required Forms & Documents:

If your passport is more than 1 year old, you must apply for a renewal passport to change your name.

  • Ds-82 Passport Application Form
  • Passport Photo
  • Expired Passport
  • Check or money order made payable to U.S. Department Of State
  • If changing name please submit your original name change decree or marriage license

If your name change is happening within the first year of having your passport, you can submit the DS-60 Name Change Form along with any original documents proving the name change.

Name Change Passport Processing Options

There are three options to secure your updated passport.

Option 1: Traditional processing through the Post Office. This method takes 4-6 weeks. You can visit our local passport acceptance agency page for more information.

Option 2: Visting a regional passport agency within two weeks of your travel or 30 days if a visa is needed. An appointment is required.

Option 3: Expedited Service through a U.S. State Department-registered service. This process takes two weeks or less. As quick as 24 hours, guaranteed. If you have travel plans, then you’ll need your new passport fast. The name change passport application process can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. In the simple process described below, you can have your new U.S. Passport in your hand.

Government Fees for Name Change Passport:

There is no fee if you are changing your name on your passport and your passport was issued less than one year ago. If your passport is more than one-year-old, you need to pay for the renewal fees.

$110 government fee for passport (routine service 4-6 weeks)
Passport Fees Explained
If expediting:
$60 government fee (3 week service)
Additional fees for private expediting for passport service in two weeks or less.



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