Emergency passport

The long form birth certificate is required for most passport applications (new passport, child passport, replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport). If you are missing your birth certificate, you will need to get a replacement right away. The birth certificate is used to as proof of citizenship. It must show the parents as well, as this is considered the ‘Long Form Birth Certificate’. If you do not have a long form birth certificate, you will need to get one.


How to Replace a Missing Birth Certificate


There are a few ways to replace a missing birth certificate. You can call the county in which you were born. They will have your birth records. You may also call the hospital in which you were born as they can direct you to get your missing birth certificate replaced. 


The fastest option is to request it through an expediting Vital Documents service. We recommend Vital Chek as they have a long and proven history of successfully getting replacement birth certificates quickly. They can secure your missing birth certificate in as little as 3-5 days. We also recommend using Express Birth Certificate Services.


The final option is only if you have previous had a U.S. Passport on file with the U.S. Department of State. If you lost your passport, and you do not have your birth certificate, you can write a check to the U.S. Department of State for a fee of $150 to conduct a file search. You can complete the form here: Fastport Passport File Search. Take this form in place of your birth certificate when you are replacing  your lost passport. The Acceptance Agent will seal this form and the check in the sealed adjudicated envelope along with your other documents and photos. This File Search option is only to replace your missing birth certificate if you are applying for a lost replacement passport. 


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