Have a Missing Birth Certificate?

Missing Birth Certificate

The long-form birth certificate is required for most passport applications, including new passports, child passports, replacing a lost or stolen passport, or damaged passports. Generally, it lists both of your parents’ names.

If you are have a missing birth certificate, you must apply for a replacement. Since the birth certificate is used as proof of citizenship, you must obtain your ‘Long Form Birth Certificate’ as soon as possible.

How to Replace a Missing Birth Certificate

To begin with, here are several of the most common ways to replace a missing birth certificate.

  • #1: Call the county in which you were born, as they will have your birth records.
  • #2: Call the hospital in which you were born for info on where to replace a missing birth certificate.
  • #3: (Faster Option) Request one via an expediting Vital Documents service like Vital Chek.
    • It has a long and proven history of safely and quickly getting replacement birth certificates. In fact, you can replace a missing birth certificate in as little as 3-5 days.
  • #4: (Fastest Option) Go to Express Birth Certificate Services to learn more.

Final Option: Have a U.S. Passport on File?

Lastly, the final option is only if you have a U.S. Passport on file with the U.S. Department of State. If you lost your passport and do not have your birth certificate:

Specifically, the Acceptance Agent will seal your form and check in the sealed adjudicated envelope along with your other documents and photos.

NOTE: In other words, the File Search option is only for replacing your missing birth certificate if you are applying for a lost replacement passport.

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