The letter of authorization is required for expedite passport processing. Please only check off the first two boxes if you plan to use Fastport Passport expediting services.

  • Print two copies and complete the Passport Processing Authorization Letter.  The applicant must check off the boxes as well as write the courier company name (Fastport Passport) on the bottom of the authorization letter.
  • Fill out this form by hand. Do not leave any fields blank. The applicant must sign the bottom using blue or black ink. For Fastport to discuss your application with the U.S. State Department, please only check the first two boxes.
  • IMPORTANT: Applicant’s signature must appear the same on all documents.
  • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT check off all three boxes on the letter of authorization as this may delay processing of your passport. This authorization letter must go inside of the hand carry envelope when you appear at the acceptance agent and the second copy goes on the outside of the hand carry envelope.
  • Step 3 will explain more about the acceptance agency and hand carry envelope preparation.


You may download the Letter of Authorization here:

Letter of Authorization


The Passport Processing Authorization Letter is an important part of the expediting process. Please do not skip this step.

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