child-passport-fastport-passport-candyHow to Get a Kids Passport Fast

Everyone needs a passport to travel internationally. This includes minors, or kids of any age. In order to get a kid passport, (minor passport), both parents or guardians listed on the birth certificate will need to give consent. If one parent or guardian cannot be present, they can submit a notarized consent form. You can review the process for a kids passport by clicking the Checklist for the Child (minor) passport.


What if my child doesn’t have a social security number?

If your infant does not have a social security number yet, you may use all zeros for the passport application.


Kid Passport and the Acceptance Facility

The acceptance agent will need to verify the identity of the minor (child) applicant. They also need to verify the identity of the parents or guardians. The kid passport is slightly cheaper than the adult passport, but remember: Kids Passports cannot be renewed. Kids passports are only valid for 5 years, and they must do the whole NEW Kid Passport application process every time. If you do not have the kids passport, as the kids birth certificate is missing, you may want to use an Express Birth Certificate Service to get the birth certificate right away.


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