Kayak in Dubrovnik Croatia


Western Europe can be expensive for the American traveler, so many head further east, to Central and Eastern Europe. Right across from Italy is a perfect example of an affordable European getaway destination: Croatia!

Kayak in Dubrovnik Croatia

Croatia is not part of the Shenguen Area visa, and fortunately you won’t need a visa to visit Croatia as a U.S. Citizen. You’ll need your valid U.S. Passport and you’ll be granted 90 days during a six month period. Croatia makes it very easy for Americans to enjoy traveling the country.


Croatia isn’t the cheapest of countries in Eastern Europe, but compared to England or France, you just may find the prices and lifestyle welcoming. One of the most charming towns of Croatia is Dubrovnik, located in the southern tip. For much of the year, the Adriatic Sea is warm and clear for snorkeling and diving. The old city walls give it the romantic European atmosphere we Americans love so much. Check out Adventurous Kate’s Dubrovnik Survival Guide post.


Getting to Dubrovnik Croatia

Most travelers head from Zagreb to Split. There is a cheap overnight train that you can take but it will likely mean sleeping while sitting. Arriving in Split, there is a bus that heads south, through a sliver of Bosnia & Herzgovina, to your destination of Dubrovnik, the old walled city by the sea.


The bus station in Dubrovnik is in between the new town and the old town. When you get off the bus there, ignore all the old women trying to rent you a room. Catch the local bus just outside the station. It will head into the old town, and everyone will point you along. You can probably just follow the other tourists and travelers.


A few minutes later you’ll pull up to the city walls of the old town. Hop off the bus and you’ll find plenty of options for rooms (sobe) to rent.


Kayaks and the Old City Walls

Dubrovnik is a charming old town. The old city walls run high above the town and it is highly recommended to do this walk around the top of the old city walls. And without a doubt, one thing you must do in Dubrovnik is a kayak trip. You’ll see people standing in the streets with kayaks, so approach them and sign up for a day trip. If the water is still warm, you can take advantage of some snorkeling in one of the coves. The water is often very clear, rich in green and blues. Expect to be provided with a kayak for two, snorkels, a few charming guides, and lunch, all for the price of €30 a person. Again, these aren’t SE Asia prices, but for Europe, you’ll be pleased you made the journey to Kayak in Dubrovnik Croatia.


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