How To See The Best of Munich on a Budget in Summer

As part of our Travel Tips Summer Series we seek to bring you the best travel ideas and tips. For the U.S. traveler to Europe, you will only need a valid passport. Yes, that is right. No visas are needed for American travelers to Europe. Tourist travel is a breeze when you head across the pond. The Schengen Zone is an agreement between a number of European nations that allows for U.S. travelers to go in and out of many countries without any need for visas. Simply put, if you want to travel to Europe, you will generally have 90 days of visa-free travel.

How To See The Best of Munich on a Budget in Summer

Munich is the Capital of Bavaria, home to Oktoberfest, and home to nearly 1.5 million people. Popular tourist attractions like the Neuschwanstein Castle, the BMW museum and the Dachau Concentration Camp are all attractions nearby this wonderful city, but the key word is ‘nearby’ ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour away! But we like to explore more than just the popular tourist destinations. Here are the best ways to see the best of Munich on a budget.


Best of Munich on a Budget1.) Climb to the top of Alter Peter

For one euro, travelers can experience one of the best views of the capital of Bavaria (with a student ID). Without the student ID the price is still low at only 3 euros per person. After climbing nearly 300 narrow steps guests feel like they’re on top of the world where you can see a 360 view of the city and surrounding mountains. Take advantage of seeing Germany from up high when you climb to the top of Alter Peter.


travel and visit munich2.) English gardens (and bring your swimsuit)

Gardens and the cities Residence buildings are always a ‘must see’ for a cheap tourist visit around a German city, however the English Gardens are something visitors really should not miss out on seeing as it is one of the largest gardens in the world.. In the summer guests can watch locals surf in the large river that flows throughout the gardens. Although if one does not have their surfboard then they can still enjoy a dip in the shallower waters or can choose to float down the river in the streams fast paced current. The waters are very clean but also very cold. Swim at your own risk!


3.) Walk around the Viktualienmarkt

Sitting in the city center, the Viktualienmarkt is hard to miss- and you don’t want to! Bavaria is home to some of the most cultural and proud German traditions and here guests can see and try their famous dishes and beer! From small handmade items to fresh vegetables and fruit to the infamous German beer- this market has something for everyone!


Best of Munich on a Budget4.) Drink cocktails out of a Maß

Happy hour? More like happy day! In Los Bandidos guests can choose between nearly 20 cocktails including mojitos, long island iced teas, and sex on the beach in the size of 1 liter, or a traditional German Maß . This party can’t be missed and is a great deal!


U.S. Passport Requirements to Europe

Remember that you will still need a valid passport book. The passport card is not valid for travel to Europe. Please apply for your passport early as processing can take several months. If you need a passport fast, you can always use an emergency expediting passport service. For more information on how to get a fast passport, click here.

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