How to Get an International Driving Permit FAST!

international driving permitPlanning to drive overseas? Your current valid drivers license will not be enough. The International Driving Permit is a translation of your current valid drivers license into 10 languages and is accepted in over 174 countries. These languages are: French, Italian, Swedish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese. Holding an International Driving Permit (or IDP for short) allows one to rent a car, drive, and operate vehicles overseas, as long as you also have your drivers license with you.

The International Driving Permit is obtained at a local office of one of the two automobile associations authorized by the U.S. Department of State: AAA and NAC. Unfortunately processing times through these agencies can take up to 9 business days.

It is also possible to use a 24 hour/ next day private service offered by Fastport Passport. You can email them your documents and they can secure your IDP the next day.

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international driving permit


International Driving Permit GIFThe International Driving Permit is not necessary to drive around the United States but one is needed for travel of more than 50 miles into Canada or 300 miles into Mexico. Whether driving your own car, a rental, or someone else’s vehicle (with permission) abroad a responsible traveler will carry an International Driving Permit.The IDP is only for persons 18 years and older who hold a valid U.S. driver’s license. Your U.S. driver’s license must be valid for at least 6 months past the issuance of the IDP.


This permit is valid in the territory of all the Contracting States with the exception of the territory of the Contracting State where issued, for the period of one year from the date of issue, for the driving of vehicles included in the categories mentioned on the last page of the permit.

List of Contracting States

Afghanistan* Columbia* Hungary Monaco Sierra Leone Albania Comoros* Iceland Montenegro Singapore Algeria Congo India Montserrat*/** Slovakia Andorra Costa Rica* Indonesia* Morocco Slovenia* Angola* Croatia Iran* Mozambique* South Africa Anguilla*/** Cuba Ireland Myanmar* Spain Antigua*/** Cyprus Israel Namibia Sri Lanka Argentina Czech Republic Italy Nepal* Sudan* Armenia* Denmark Ivory Coast Netherlands Suriname Aruba Djibouti* Jamaica Netherlands Antilles Swaziland Australia Dominica*/** Japan New Caledonia Sweden Austria Dominican Rep. Jersey New Zealand Switzerland* Azerbaijan* Ecuador Jordan Nicaragua* Syria Bahmas Egypt Kazakhstan* Niger Taiwan Bahrain* El Salvador* Kenya* Norway Tajikistan* Bangladesh Equatorial Guinea* Korea (Rep) Oman* Tanzania Barbados** Estonia* Kuwait* Pakistan* Thailand Belarus* Fiji Kyrgyzstan Panama* Togo Begium France Laos Papua New Guinea Trinidad & Tobago*** Belize French Polynesia Latvia* Paraguay Tunisia Benin Gabon* Lebanon Peru Turkey Bhutan* Gambia Lesotho Philippines Uganda Bolivia* Georgia Liberia* Poland Ukraine* Bosnia* Germany* Libya* Portugal United Arab Emirates* Botswana Ghana Liechtenstein Qatar* United Kingdom Brazil*** Gibraltar Lithuania Romania Uruguay*** Brunei* Greece Luxembourg Russia Uzbekistan* Bulgaria Grenada** Macao* Rwanda Vatican City Burkina Faso* Guatemala Madagascar St. Kitts, Nevis*/** Venzuela Cambodia Guernsey Malawi St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Vietnam* Cameroon* Guinea* Malaysia The Grenadines Western Samoa Canada Guinea-Bissau* Mali San Marino Yemen* Cape Verde Islands* Guyana Malta Sao Tome & Principe* Zambia Caymen Islands* Haiti Mauritania* Saudi Arabia* Zimbabwe Central African Rep. Herzegovina* Mauritius Senegal Chad* Honduras* Mexico* Serbia Chile Hong Kong Moldova* Seychelles

It is understood that this permit shall in no way affect the obligation of the holder to conform strictly to the laws and regulations relating to residence or to the exercise of a profession which are in force in each country through which he travels.
* Not party to 1949 Convention: International Driving Permit Honored
** U.S. driver’s license and IDP recognized on presentation to local police and payment of special registration fee upon arrival.
*** Inter -American Driving Permit Required The above list is subject to change. For up to date driving requirements, it is recommended that required permits are confirmed with the destination country. The Inter-American Driving Permit is required in Brazil, Uruguay and Trinidad & Tobago (and is available through AAA only).

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