How to Get a Passport Locally

How to Get a Passport Locally

There are many ways to get a passport. The most common way is routine processing through your local passport acceptance agent. This is often completed by visiting your local post office or county clerk. Routine processing takes 4-6 weeks if there are no errors with your application. If you submit the incorrect documents, or have any discrepancies with your paperwork, your passport may be delayed or even denied.

If you need your passport faster than the routine processing of 4-6 weeks, you can expedite your passport locally. Your local passport acceptance facility may be able to expedite your documents with 3 week service. Again, there are no guarantees with that option. There is an additional $60 government expedite fee applied to each passport application.

Another option to secure your passport locally is if you live in a major city. Living in a major city with a Regional Passport Agency may be an option for you if you need your passport faster than 3 weeks. Your Regional Passport Agency will require an appointment. If you cannot get an appointment, you will not be able to secure your passport locally in an expedited manner.

Passports can be expedited through a private expediting agency. Often times, the private services can secure your passport as fast as 24 hours. Please do your research and choose a highly qualified and highly trusted passport expeditor. There are many options to choose from when securing your passport. If you need help selecting the best option for you, please feel free to contact us or use our Passport Flow Chart.

How to Get a Passport Locally

Click on your state or territory below for the complete list of passport acceptance agencies in your area. We are here to help you locate the closest office to you so you can get your passport easily and hassle-free. The passport offices list by state is below. At the bottom of the page we have the list for non-state and U.S. territory locations for passport acceptance agents.


Non-State/Territory (Other) Offices:


How to Get a Passport Locally

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